RR Publishing is owned by author Rachael Ritchey, self-publisher and graphic designer. It all started from designing her own book covers and interiors and quickly morphed into helping author friends with their projects. After several people in her life suggested she offer her skills more broadly, she decided that was a great idea, and so here we are!

Rachael started teaching herself photo manipulation on software such as Adobe Photoshop almost 20 years ago. She’s always practicing to improve her design skills, and has been creating book covers and beautiful interiors since 2014. She opened her “doors” in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since.

Here at RR Publishing, we design fiction and non-fiction books. If we feel we cannot meet your design needs after an initial consult, we will let you know, but we love a challenge!

Rachael Ritchey is the author of fantasy and science fiction. Her clean but real and true-to-self writing reflects qualities of courage and hope with daring adventure and sweet romance that almost anyone can enjoy. When she’s not delving in to worlds of fiction, Rachael is in the real one with her family in Eastern Washington where there’s plenty of inspiration to dream and design.

Rachael loves to connect with readers and other authors, so please make sure you leave a comment or take a few moments to befriend her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Goodreads!

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