Nothing is set in stone when it comes to design! I’m flexible, and I want to listen to what you need for your story, so here are some basic things to know. We can discuss the specifics in great detail by email, or video chat if needed.

Cover & Interior Design

  • Premade Covers: Fonts can be changed and adjusted as well as Title placement
  • Print Books: Spine and back cover design are separate from the front cover design
  • Paperback and Hardbound are often different sizes and will require slightly different formatting
  • If you provide your own photography, meeting dpi and other size requirements for the cover design, then you can be sure that no one else will have a similar cover to yours. I will never use your personal photography/art/graphic on someone else’s cover.
    • *Personally, I love this as it keeps your book unique and eliminates all worry associated with ownership rights, royalty fees, and attribution.
  • I don’t work with erotica, pornography, “chest”-type design, gory, or gratiuitous material, so if that’s what you need I can’t help you, but a quick internet search will give you results of someone who can and will. Thanks for your consideration.
  • Please contact me with any questions you have!