Interior Formatting

Custom Interior Formatting & Design

From Blue Cloud by Jessica Hecket

Let’s face it, formatting the interior of a book can be a pain. It helps when we start with a good foundation (see my B4 the Editor video series), but there’s still a lot that goes into beautiful design after you’ve written and edited that beast.

That’s where I come in.

From The Only Book A Kid Needs To Read About Coronavirus Ever by Disgusting Doctors

I love seeing words bled on virtual paper form into the beautiful architecture of design that relfects well on the fiction or non-fiction within. I love making sure that the first impressions of your book baby are all you could hope for.

From Wolf Prince by Claire M. Banschbach

I work on anything from short fiction to epic fiction and everything in between, including the most intricate non-fiction work that requires special headings, etc. I do both print and e-book.

From Finders Keepers by Joy E. Rancatore & Meagan Smith
Picture Books & Specialty Image Interior Work

I also work with books that contain interior images and full color layouts like children’s picture books and non-fiction photo and graphic-heavy designs.

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