Interior & Cover Portfolio

This portfolio includes books I’ve done the cover and interior design of, books I’ve done the interior for only, and books I’ve done the interior of as well as either the back & spine only or interior, back, spine, and front typesetting. This is a sampling of my work, and I have left out some books as well as some other types of formatting that I have done like travel journals and bi-annual college journals, dissertations, and things of that nature.

Cover Design & Interior Formatting

Here you’ll discover some of the books I’ve been privileged to work with their authors on!

In the first section are books done with full design packages for various needs from fiction, to non-fiction to magazine-style books. Within these you’ll sometimes find custom and handdrawn artwork. For example, Tiffany Reese has featured my illustrations in her fun MG horse books (my daugther loves these books!). L. M. Nelson’s The Guardian incorporates handdrawn-made-digital art elements on the cover and as chapter heads.

That’s one thing I love about creating the entire package, creating a seamless design that brings elements from the cover into the interior of the book and vice versa.

Vida Blue’s chapter headers were such a fun project inspired by elements within the story that Susie Perez Fernandez really wanted to see captured there. Mr. Sagittarius’s fonts and imagery really capture the whimsy and poetry of the interior, while you can see all my own artwork on and in my Chronicles of the Twelve Realms series. And Fit for the Soul’s mustard flowers are handdrawn to decorate the pages of the book in a beautiful design for this devotional/autobiography.


Interior Only Formatting & Design

Here you’ll find a combination of my own graphic artwork and that provided by the authors. The Faeries of Myrnius series allowed me to take elements from the cover and incorporate them into the title pages of each book as well as create a consistent yet diverse interior design, especially with the chapter header images that are indiviual but tie the stories together.

Tapestry‘s interior headers are also my graphic work but accomplished in close collaboration with author Beth Duke. The Only Book a Kid Needs to Read About Coronavirus Ever is mostly full of the author’s comissioned artwork by another artist but enhanced with details I’ve added into the general formatting to tie the images to the style of the book the authors were going for.

Cover Typsetting with Spine & Back Design & Interior Formatting

This category is actually a bit of a mixed bag. As an example, This Foo‘s authors gave me a basic mockup of what they imaged the cover could look like, and they provided the burros. I took their design idea and brought it to life, making sure to keep the things they valued most and adding elements they didn’t know would make it even better. We also worked on their logo and you can see that element at the chapter headers. That’s a great example of professional collaboration!

Too Tired to Cook by Mary L. Higgins is all my design work except the melting woman on the cover.

Chase Hughes’ front covers he provded the design for, while the final cover incorporates my design work on the spine and back.

The rest have original artwork. All interiors are my work, but as in Jessica Hecket’s books, you get to see her beautiful illustrations inside and out! With her covers, any work I did was to incoporate, digitally, certain elements or enchance the overall design, especially with typesetting.

I enjoyed working with Richard Wallace on his The Couscous Chornicles memoir. He collected memories from people he knew when he was in the Peace Corps and gained permission to add their stories to the book, as you can see from the example with the fun “scrolled paper” graphic element, the anecdotes stand out. His cover image was originally done by a different artist, but Richard needed the tysetting done and a little more “map” added to the coast of Africa.

Elven Cursed & Exodus are all my own graphic design work, including some digital painting, but those gorgeous fantasy and science fiction cover illustrations are by Nibelart!

To see the majority of the covers I’ve designed, including those I did not do any interior formatting for check out: